PetroBeacon specializes in oil and gas data. We are focused on improving how companies collect and consume information for their business by bringing modern software and solutions to work. PetroBeacon provides both out of the box and custom solutions to many of the problems experienced by oil and gas companies across the world. Shaped by the need for companies to run leaner and smarter we work with the business to leverage existing technology with modern solutions to allow for faster, and better decision making and regulatory tracking.


PetroBeacon has worked with over 45 companies from around the globe.


PetroBeacon provides the means to make smarter decisions by leveraging and improving the information processes you already have.


PetroBeacon employs the latest in information security techniques. Information in the office & field is safe, secure, and controlled.

Drilling & Completions

Our employees have a combined experience of over 100 years with the drilling and completion software such as Peloton, OpenWells, PPDM, WellEz, and others. Working closely with your company, we will tailor your applications to meet your specific business needs. We can also provide expert technical support - in-house or remotely - to ensure that your systems add value to your organization.

Business Intellegance

Artificial Intellegence


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Custom Integrations & Applications

PetroBeacon will help you enhance, create, or optimize current business processes by building custom desktop and mobile apps for field and office users. We have experience working In-House or in the Cloud or both! Our team has the experience to take any project to the next level, we work with the latest technology employing the latest strategies to give you the most value while keeping costs down.

Built in workflows, allow designs to meet actuals.

Import existing excel documents, raw data, or integrate with existing software.

Help us help you improve your process!



SpotLight is the premiere data governance and auditing tool for Peloton products. SpotLight does not just allow you to create simple data rules, it allows you to build intelligent workflow driven audits geared towards a particular state of a well. The information is then presented in reports and dashboards custom built to add as much value to your business as possible. Rig and user score cards, correction metrics, and more allow you to focus training and build confidence in your information.

We built the most powerful tool on the market and designed it so that anyone can use it. Our tool uses a modern and elegant user interface that allows the business to create and maintain the data audits. This speed sup how quickly value can be added without having to involve 3rd party companies or contractors to develop custom queries or code.

Contact us to request a live demo to see for yourself how easy it can be to automade your data controls.

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